Rockport was the first footwear company to merge the comfort of an athletic shoe with the style of a dress shoe. The release of the DresSports 35th Anniversary Limited Edition shoe,  a sleek wingtip-athletic hybrid continues the DresSports tradition of combining sporty features with boardroom-appropriate benefits.

35 years ago, back in 1983, Rockport pioneered the original DresSports collection, and throughout the years, has introduced the shoe to generations of consumers, proving time and time again its exceptional comfort and support. In fact, since the creation of DresSports, Rockport has put the shoes to the test: in both 1990 and 2009, runners completed marathons wearing DresSports.

Fast forward to 2018, and runners will once again toe the line in this storied shoe. In markets around the world, Rockport employees and fans will mark the franchise’s 35th anniversary by running races and marathons – long and short – in their limited edition DresSports shoes, proving once again that DresSports are so comfortable, you can actually run a marathon in them.

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